Double Action mod alpha side-dives out

Double Action: Boogaloo may have missed its crowdfunding goal to fund full-time development, but it continues in slow-motion.

The John Woo-y HL2 mod, whose makers include folks behind Half-Life mod The Specialists, have dropped an alpha version which is naturally a bit barebones but has the core of what you want: akimbo pistols; dives; rolls; slides; wall-running; slow-motion; and other men to shoot.

You can download the alpha ("or is it beta?" the announcement wonders) from Mod DB. All you need to play it is to have the Source SDK Base 2007 installed on Steam.

The team ran a Kickstarter in March looking for $18,000 to let them skip work over the summer and finish up a proper release version, but only raised $1,586. Expect that first release to take a while longer, but it is still coming.