Retro City Rampage PC patch brings mod tools, fancier graphics

Open-world homage 'em up Retro City Rampage is now fancier than ever, thanks to a new patch. The PC edition now boasts support for creating mods, as well an optional graphics mode which adds a little modern flair including real-time soft shadows.

The mod tools let people create new "new vehicles, characters, fonts and color palettes," developer Vblank explains. To get people started, it's shared the game's source graphics too.

"Start modding :) The more mod support you give, the more modding support I'll add!" Vblank said on Twitter. It added, "if everyone really embraces the mods, I'll add Steam Workshop support and open more up."

As for the Retro+ graphics mode, on top of the dynamic shadows it doubles the number of colours. Double the colours! What a monumental leap forward for technology! You can still play with the original 8-Bit mode if you'd rather, though.

Retro City Rampage's price is cut by 75% on Steam to celebrate the update. That discount only lasts until 10am Pacific this morning, mind.