Avalanche-approved Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod releases December 16

When Just Cause 2's multiplayer mod briefly disappeared back in 2012, there were concerns that Avalanche Studios may have sent a cease and desist order. Though the mod eventually resurfaced, the specter of a C&D still loomed overhead. Avalanche Studios has officially put those fears to rest, giving the multiplayer mod its thumbs up and also briefly talking about a potential Just Cause 3.

"We reached out to the [Just Cause 2 multiplayer team] quite early and obviously gave them our blessing," Avalanche's Christofer Sundberg told Eurogamer. "The JC2-MP team has done a fantastic job. They are a super-talented group of game developers that I'd love to work closer with them in the future, despite the physical distance between us."

The upcoming mod's formal release, along with a new video released by Avalanche (below), stirred up discussions of a Just Cause 3. However, the studio (currently working on Mad Max) notes that the time has not yet arrived. "The multiplayer mod has been really inspiring to us," Sundberg added. "We have been discussing what we'd like to do with the Just Cause IP in the future, but it's too early to talk about it just yet."

You can find the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod on Steam, set for a December 16 release.