Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod resurrected

The open-world sandbox shenanigans of Just Cause 2 scream out for multiplayer, and a modding team is hard at work on bringing that to us. Having started back in 2010 then dropped off the radar, JC2-MP resurfaced over the weekend to tease that we'll soon surfing atop aeroplanes as our chums go barnstorming.

"During the course of the two months we spent working on JC2-MP, we were met with many obstacles - which at the time felt impossible to conquer," the team explains of its first crack at multiplayer. "However this time around, we have squashed all obstacles encountered thus far."

The mod's disappearance was somewhat shrouded in mystery, so the team clear things up. "Contrary to popular conspiracies, we were not shut down by Avalanche Studios. Nor did we intentionally delete our source code to inhibit further growth. The source at the time was extremely unstable and volatile."

If you fancy seeing more gameplay, there's an hour or so streamed to its TwitchTV channel.