Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta weekend starts Saturday

It's been a month since the world last got to grappling hook around and play silly beggars with our chums, and that's far too long. Thankfully the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod is preparing for another open beta weekend, kicking off at 1am Pacific on Saturday morning. Handily, the game's on sale this weekend too.

The latest update finally shows other players' parachutes rather than having them eerily glide through the air, improves the multiplayer UI, and fixes a few bugs.

To get in, simply download the client from the official website once the beta starts (and it has a countdown timer to remind you when that will be). You'll need the game installed too, obviously.

If you don't have Just Cause 2 yet, Ubisoft's digital store is selling it for only $3.75 today--a 75% saving. I'm pretty sure that activates on Steam, but don't hold me to it.

Look, even a video intended to show off improved hit detection can't help but be pleasingly silly: