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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 E3 2010 Interview

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was playable at E3 2010 (you can read my preview here) and after getting a few session in against Capcom special advisor Seth Killian, I was able to convince him to do a quick interview.

Below, you'll find our conversation, in which we talk about the hype, lessons from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, gameplay systems, and the brand-new X-Factor ability. Read more »

""That announcer voice would piss me off after about 30 seconds. :-/ And is it really necessary ..."
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Final Fantasy 13 Battle Director Yuji Abe Offers Tips and Background on Combat Systems

There's been no shortage of opinions on Final Fantasy 13 since its release last week to the rest of the world outside of Japan. Its new battle system stands out as one of the more hotly debated topics. Despite some familiar pieces like the active time gauge, fans are divided over the speed and flow of the fights and only controlling one character in the party. This became the center of the conversation when I sat down with Director Motumu Toriyama and Battle Director Yuji Abe not long before the game's release. Before we were done, I not only had a better sense for the combat, but I had learned Abe's favorite approach.

Read more »

"It's funny you say that, because I feel like controlling the battles in FFXIII by switching ..."
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Halo: Reach's Matchmaking and Active Roster In-Depth

Related Topics – Halo: Reach, xbox 360, Interview, Bungie

The matchmaking system in Halo: Reach will be getting a significant amount of improvements along with tweaks to the overall social experience. I spoke with the following group at Bungie to find out more about Active Roster, matchmaking, playlists, Xbox Live integration, and even clan support.

"I think they should bring back the clan support from halo 2 onto reach since xbox live has evolved"
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Halo: Reach's Arena System In-Depth

Related Topics – Halo: Reach, xbox 360, Interview, Bungie

Today, Shacknews revealed several improvements Bungie will be making to the Halo: Reach multiplayer game, one of which is the Arena system. Put simply, this is an area of the multiplayer component geared entirely toward high-skill, hardcore players.

I spoke with the following group to find out more about how the hardcore Arena system will function as well as how the ranking system will determine comparative skill between players. Read more »

"1) will halo reach have coop match making? (i'm assuming it also has a good single player ..."
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Super Street Fighter 4 Producer Yoshinori Ono Interview on Hakan, Arcades, and More

Yesterday, I posted an interview with Capcom's Seth Killian for Super Street Fighter IV. At that same event, I spoke with producer Yoshinori Ono, splitting my interview time with Kotaku's Brian Crecente.

We spoke about the newly-revealed Turkish oil wrestler Hakan, the chances for an arcade version, and what Ono would like to work on next (spoiler: Darkstalkers). Read more »

"Great interview! Ono apparently <3s R. Mika and Darkstalkers. He's such a bro."
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Kick-Ass Interview

Inspired by both the existing comic and the upcoming movie of the same name, Kick-Ass--the latest downloadable effort from Wisconsin-based Metalocalypse: Dethgame and Zombie Wranglers developer Frozen Codebase--is saddling an odd line.

On top of paying homage to both sources--"we go towards the movie story, but a lot of the artwork goes toward the comic book," studio president Ben Geisler tells us--the game, an action-RPG, is being made under a "pretty darn expedited" schedule, one that only started in September. Read more »

"I try as I might to not judge entertainment on a few previews and an interview about the game ..."
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Borderlands 'Mad Moxxi' DLC Interview: Gearbox Talks Bank, Patch Restrictions and More

With the second downloadable add-on for Borderlands due out on Xbox 360 tomorrow (and PlayStation 3 next week and PC, well, sometime), we caught up with designer Matthew Armstrong for more on the latest addition to Gearbox's colorful shooter-RPG.

And while Matthew wasn't able to answer all our questions--the matchmaking team had already taken off for the holiday, so they couldn't tell us if there's an option for online players to seek out other DLC owners--he was able to shed some light on other aspects, including the new areas, why there aren't new foes in Riot Mode's ever-increasing enemy waves, the reasons behind the later PlayStation 3 and PC releases, and just why Gearbox is charging for more in-game storage. Read more »

"Yes, the PC is in trouble, just ask Valve. How abot this....if some of you developers grew a ..."
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Natural Selection 2 Interview: The Evolution of a Mod

The true scares of Halloween 2002 came not from monster movie marathons, haunted houses or college dorm parties but a multiplayer Half-Life FPS-RTS hybrid mod named Natural Selection, released that night by Unknown Worlds. Low-tech space marines and bestial aliens shrieked and spat out their trick-or-treated goodies in fright as inter-species war with terrifying tones of the movie Aliens raged across derelict complexes among distant stars.

A solid real-time strategy lay on top of the action, with both sides vying for control of key map points including the resource nodes which paid for structures and upgrades. While Frontiersmen served under a commander who essentially played a top-down RTS, the alien Kharaa were ruled by consensus and chose their own upgrades and classes. Read more »

"I've been looking up progress every so often on this one and I'm very glad to see they're ..."
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Interview: Gearbox on Borderlands' End, Future

Gearbox's Mikey Neumann has been billed as many things. Sometimes, he's "a guy who can get you things." Other times, he's a creative director. Today, he's answering some of the questions I had after wrapping up my initial playthrough of Borderlands.

And before we got around to discussing the ending--rest assured that spoilers are limited to the third page--we chatted about a variety of topics that any fan of Borderlands should find interesting, including talk of downloadable content and a vow that "we'll look at what the community really latches on to or wants, and we'll move in that direction." Read more »

"The only complaint I have for this interview is regarding the softball questions you lobbed him ..."
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Telltale Games Interview: Dan Connors Talks Sam, Max, Gromit, PlayStation, iPhone and More

Related Topics – Interview, Telltale Games, PC

It's been a busy past few years for the crew at Telltale Games. Alongside its traditional CSI titles, the developer has produced numerous bite-sized episodic adventures featuring Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit, Strong Bad, and the Monkey Island crew.

And alongside the steady stream of Tales of Monkey Island episodes on PC and WiiWare, the company just released the second season of Sam & Max on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live, with the remaining episodes of Wallace & Gromit due there shortly. Read more »

"The interview was improperly linked to the news post by parties who will remain anonymous. It's ..."
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Brutal Legend Interview: Tim Schafer Talks Metal, Rubik's Cubes, Psychonauts, Sequels and More

Recently, Shacknews and a handful of other gaming sites participated in a roundtable discussion with Tim Schafer (Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Psychonauts), meant to see the respected figure discuss developer Double Fine's latest project, Brutal Legend.

And talk about Brutal Legend he did, explaining what's in the demo, why the multiplayer aspect was designed first, thoughts on downloadable content, and so forth. But in addition to chatting up the October 13-due title, the conversation also saw Schafer touch on some of his past work and even offer advice on avoiding publisher problems. Read more »

"I agree perfectly with you. Gawd I wish this was coming for PC!"
- Athlon7    See all 36 comments Interview: Blizzard's Greg Canessa on the Marketplace, LAN Plans, and Console Potential

In the months leading up to BlizzCon, it was tough to gauge the level of Blizzard's ambition in regard to the new During interviews, the developers mostly mumbled about matchmaking, leagues and other features, but were always quick to note that everything was still up in the air.

Read more »

"Since when does buying a game mean I am a Thief or Pirate? - no LAN is simply ..."
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Rage Interview: id's Tim Willits and Matt Hooper

The first title out of famed Doom and Quake creator id to be simultaneously developed for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac, Rage almost immediatelyre-ignited the Blu-ray vs. DVD debate between PS3 and Xbox 360 loyalists when it was first revealed.

And as that debate raged on, PC gamers were dragged into another one after the once PC-centric developer said that the platform was "more of the junior partner." Read more »

"Hardcore competitive gamers don't / didn't buy games. Willits has previously mentioned that ..."
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Interview: id's CEO Talks Rage, Doom 4, Quake Live Subscriptions and Mysterious Women

All things considered, the interview was progressing normally. id CEO Todd Hollenshead and I were sitting across from each other in the QuakeCon Press Lounge. I had just asked when id's next game, Rage, was coming out. I didn't expect a straight answer.

Nor did I get one, but that's beyond the point. Because, as Todd was explaining why id is so reluctant to provide a date--"we don't work to a time, we work to a quality level"--fate intervened in the form of an extremely inquisitive mystery woman. She wanted to know what kind of press would cover video games. And if we were from Game Informer. Read more »

"Rofl, just read the entire article and then started on the comments section to see you are ..."
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Trine Interview: Frozenbyte on Pricing, Online Co-op, Future Projects and More

As a big fan of Frozenbyte's slick platformer Trine, it was unfortunate to see its recent PC release somewhat confused by price-point discrepancies and puzzling platform information.

A typical Trine discussion included any, or all, of these questions: Why is the game $10 more on PC? Will online co-op be patched in soon? When is the PlayStation 3 port coming out? And what's this about an XBLA version? Read more »

"Agree completely. The demo was fantastic and I reeeeally wanted to buy it, but when I saw the ..."
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