Nvidia CEO: Nintendo Switch is 'very Nintendo,' shows the company's 'dedication to its craft'

At a Q&A session following his CES 2017 keynote, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang answered questions about the company's many areas of interest such as Nintendo Switch.

"Nintendo Switch is a game console. It’s very Nintendo. That entire experience is going to be very Nintendo," said Huang (via Venture Beat).

"The beauty of that company, the craft of that company, the philosophy of that company—they’re myopically, singularly focused on making sure that the gaming experience is amazing, surprising, and safe for young people, for children," Nvidia's CEO continued.

Huang's words might serve as repellent to older players who have their fingers crossed for more mature experiences on Switch. What Huang seems to mean, however, is that Nintendo aims to deliver a gaming machine first and foremost.

"Their dedication to their craft, that singular dedication, is quite admirable," Huang said at the press event. "When you guys all see Switch, I believe people are going to be blown away, quite frankly. It’s really delightful. But it has nothing to do with AI."

Nvidia manufactured the Switch's hardware, a custom Tegra processor. Nintendo next Switch event is scheduled for this Thursday, January 12, at 11pm ET / 8pm PT. The company is expected to disclose a price—rumored to clock in at around $250—and exact launch date for the console/handheld hybrid, due out in March.

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