Rumor: Nintendo's Next Generation NX Controller Allegedly Revealed in a Photo

A possible leaked image of a new Nintendo controller has hit the internet today.

From the image, which we've included below, the device appears to be an oval shaped touchscreen with two analog joysticks, a front facing camera of some sort, all with a proprietary cable attached to it. We are taking this image with an enormous grain of salt, but it would support the idea that the next generation Nintendo console will revolve around a mobile device controller. Nintendo has filed a number of patents over the years, and some journalists are using that as confirmation of the image's validity. 

The tweet above from freelance game journalist Laura Kate Dale showcases the supposed device.

There's been a lot of potential information about the NX and its features rolling around on the web throughout the past week. However, we've been pretty skeptical of it all given how easy it is to Photoshop things like this. Because of this we want to stress to our readers that there have been a number of false leaked images in the long history of Nintendo. If this turns out to be more than rumor, however, it will be interesting to see how the controller works, and learn more about it once Nintendo has a proper reveal.


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