Windows 10 can stream Xbox One games to PC and tablets

Xbox One owners will soon be able to enjoy their console experience from their PC as Microsoft has announced Windows 10 will be able to stream Xbox One titles on any PC or tablet.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced the feature to Windows 10 during this morning's presentation as he showed Forza Horizon 2 streaming from a Surface Pro 3. "With Windows 10 we will enable streaming of Xbox One games to any PC or tablet running Windows 10, later this year," Spencer said. During his streaming, he was able to access the Xbox One hub, which we assume means we'll be able to enjoy a majority of features from the console on our PC.

This is a pretty big deal considering how many PCs there are in the world. Being able to stream a PlayStation 4 onto a Vita or Sony Xperia device is great and all, but Microsoft has just stepped up the streaming game now that any PC that runs Windows 10 will be able to stream Xbox One content.

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