Nintendo expects to sell 6 million fewer Wii U systems than originally forecast

For the fiscal year ending this coming March, Nintendo had expected to sell 9 million Wii U systems worldwide. However, it's clear that the company is going to fall well below expectations. In fact, the company has revised their forecasts, saying that they're anticipating sales of only 2.8 million consoles. That's nearly 70% fewer consoles than originally expected! Perhaps most distressingly, the company is expecting to sell fewer Wii U consoles this year than they did the year prior--suggesting that Nintendo's latest home console is actually losing momentum. (3.45 million systems were sold in the prior fiscal year.)

Although 3DS may be the best-selling system in America, it also isn't poised to do as well as Nintendo had hoped. The company had expected to sell 18 million consoles worldwide, but now expects sales of 13.5 million. But unlike Wii U, 3DS is actually gaining traction.

The softer-than-anticipated sales will drastically affect Nintendo's bottom line. With less hardware out there, software sales will be impacted--and that's where Nintendo makes its bread and butter. While the company originally anticipated a 55 billion yen (~$527 million USD) profit for the year, it now expects a loss of 25 billion yen (~$240 million USD). The company has posted an annual loss for fiscal 2011, 2012, and now this year. With three years of consecutive losses, CEO Satoru Iwata may have to take those calls to resign to heart.

You can read the full financial report here (PDF).