Xbox One game DVR requires Gold subscription

As with Xbox 360, certain features on Xbox One will be exclusive to Live Gold members. One of those features is "game DVR," which enables users to record and share up to five minutes of gameplay footage. The Gold requirement is unsurprising, given that most online-enabled features on Xbox are blocked behind a paywall. With game DVR, clips are stored in the cloud, with "magic moment" clips stored on Xbox Live gamercards.

"You'll be able to see these clips in the Xbox One Guide, in your own game DVR collection, and when you are looking at gamercards on the system," Microsoft's Marc Whitten explained.

DVR captures are limited to 720p at 30fps, Microsoft confirmed to IGN. And only Gold users will be able to use the feature. "Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only," a spokesperson told One Hit Pixel (via NeoGAF).

Other Gold-exclusive features for Xbox One mentioned by the Live official website include OneGuide, which offers "customized" TV listings based on what's popular within the Live community. Skype is also exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox Live Gold.