Gearbox wins bidding for Homeworld IP

After learning late last week that teamPixel did not get the Homeworld franchise in the THQ bankruptcy auction, we learn today that Gearbox Software was the winning bidder, with the company's chief creative officer Brian Martel spearheading the acquisition.

"Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox's interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms," the company said on its website.

The company has already opened up forums for fans to discuss a Homeworld 3 and what they want to see done with the franchise. One thing is for certain is that fans will want to see the series brought up to date for today's computers and made available on sites like GOG.com, given the recently invigorated desire for old school games.

The bid won't become official until approved by the court on May 13, but a rejection appears unlikely. According to a release, Gearbox paid $1.35 million for the IP.