Homeworld IP goes to mystery bidder, not teamPixel

The Homeworld IP has changed hands, no longer resting in the pile of leftovers from the THQ bankruptcy. We don't know yet who the winning bidder was, just that it wasn't app developer teamPixel.

The studio had hoped to create a Homeworld Touch game for iOS, bring the original games to digital distribution, and begin work on Homeworld 3.

"Homeworld will escape the THQ bankruptcy to a new home, however, that home will not be with teamPixel, LLC," the developer said in a Kickstarter update (via VG247). "The auction for the Homeworld license ended April 15, 2013, and while we reached qualified bidder status for the bankruptcy auction, we were unable to raise the necessary funds to remain competitive against the other parties at the auction."

teamPixel had gathered more than $70,000 via Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for the IP bidding. It plans to refund the money to all the people that donated, but will continue development of its space-based RTS under its own IP.

An announcement of the new owner is expected in mid-May, hopefully along with plans the bidder has for the IP. Relic had hinted back in 2008 that it wanted to do a new game in the franchise after THQ had acquired the trademark from Vivendi the year before.