Guild Wars 2 diary: Feeling Crafty

If you missed the first two Guild Wars 2 diaries, you can read them here. After exploring the Caledon Forest and the Grove and helping out with random odds and ends, it was time for my personal story to continue. There was lot of chatter about this dark faction of the Sylvari called the Nightmare Court. It was time to deal with these rogues. But first, I had to deal with the matter of my full inventory. Having killed many things, my inventory was constantly full of crafting materials that would prove useless in battle. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to craft and the game wasn't doing a good job of explaining it to me. After exploring Caledon Forest a little more, I found an area filled with artisan crafters who offered to teach me trades--up to two at a time. I learned the armorsmith and tailor skills and decided to start crafting. Of course, I had no clue where to start and I couldn't find a clear tutorial on how to do so. I also found myself increasingly drowning in junk with nowhere to put it. With nearly every fallen foe leaving some sort of loot behind, my inventory filled up fast. Fortunately, I have the Shack community to help me out with this growing inconvenience. Shacker Chod advised me to "make sure you use the option Deposit Collectibles in your bag to send all that stuff to the bank. It frees up a lot of space." Amazingly, this strategy worked, and I suddenly had a lot more space! Then came time to figure out how to use the crafting table.

The crafting interface

Unfortunately, the supplies I picked up for my chosen crafting professions were surprisingly sparse. I poked around the interface, making random items and increasing my XP for those professions. I didn't wind up crafting anything useful, only putting together Jute Sandal Soles and Jute Tunic Linings, and I wound up depositing everything I made into the bank. I have my eye on Mighty Embroidered items and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to craft them soon. Overall, learning crafting wasn't easy and I still don't feel like I have it down all the way. But when in doubt, just poke around and learn for yourself, I guess. With my crafting lesson out of the way, it was time to resume my personal story. Up to this point, I had skated through missions by relying on other players to do the heavy lifting. While there's been plenty of mission variety, they've all shared the common factor that other players would often lend a helping hand. That wouldn't be the case this time around. Personal story missions would strictly be solo excursions. Fortunately, I had a two-handed Trident and enough knowledge of my Mesmer skills to carry me through. Much like the side-mission by Briarthorn Den, my personal story quests would be centered around deception. After fending off a Nightmare Court rush and escorting a prisoner to a Sylvari jail, I once again had to blend in with the court to uncover their plans. The early missions were simple enough to complete, but the next personal story mission took a bit of a difficulty spike and also introduced a new wrinkle that will see many players branch off to their own narratives. BOOM video 13753 My ally, Tiachren, had a lost love named Ysvelta being held captive by the court. After finding her, we discovered that she had been converted to the Nightmare's cause. After she escaped, our ruse was discovered and we had to fight out way out. It was not easy, as our original prisoner was invulnerable for most of the fight, leading to several deaths. I hit my first snag, so I quit the mission and leveled up some more before returning. After successfully completing that quest, I had a decision to make. Tiachren was sure that Ysvelta could be swayed back from the Nightmare Court's influence and back to the Dream. Caithe, the firstborn that had put this plan together in the first place, grimly noted that once a Sylvari falls to the Nightmare, there's no going back. I was forced to decide whether to try and save Ysvelta again or protect the Astorean villagers from the attack that she was about to lead. I had to decide whether the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. I ultimately decided that love had to win out in the end, so I chose to attempt to sway Ysvelta back to the Dream, which ultimately proved to be a futile effort. This was a fine introduction to GW2's branching story paths, but it'll be interesting to see if these seemingly-consequential choices will ultimately affect my story down the road. Next time, I attempt to conquer the crafting table again with some help from a friend and also look to explore the rest of the forest before heading off for greater Tyria.
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