Final Fantasy VII remake can't happen until Square Enix makes a better game

Is there any Final Fantasy game more beloved than VII? While fans can spend days arguing over which game is the best, it's undeniable that the adventures of Cloud and company are the most iconic. No wonder fans have been long-clamoring for a remake of the game.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada says that the company would be "happy" to make a full-fledged remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, before it can do so, he believes the company must make a game that "exceeds the quality" of the PSone classic.

When asked about a possible remake during the company's annual shareholder's meeting, Wada said that a remake is only possible once the company has made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of 7. "If they were to release a 7 remake right now, the FF franchise would be done with," a translation by Andriasang explains.

The company has dabbled in an HD "remake" of Final Fantasy VII. At the PS3 launch, the company released a "technical demo"--a real-time render of the game's CG intro.

The most recent addition to the Final Fantasy franchise was XIII-2, which received middling reviews. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is presumably still in development as well.