Mario for Wii U to be shown at E3 later this year

Getting older. Taxes. New Mario games on Nintendo hardware. Some things in life are simply inevitable. So, forgive us for not being surprised when Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that a new Super Mario game will be headed to the company's next home console, the Wii U.

"Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U system will be shown at this year's E3 Expo," a Nintendo spokesperson said.

"We'll have more to announce about our plans for the E3 Expo at a later date," the company told Eurogamer.

The new Mario game will have to showcase the benefit of Wii U's unique tablet-like interface. Other games coming to the Wii U include a new Pikmin title, which Miyamoto claims will "take advantage of the new HD screen resolution."