Pikmin Wii U in the works, Miyamoto confirms

The long-awaited Pikmin sequel for Wii is still in the works, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed at E3 today. However, it's now being planned as one of the first Wii U games.

"I really did want to release Pikmin this year in celebration of that 10th anniversary," Miyamoto told the audience. "But as we've been working on the Wii U hardware, and I've been looking at those beautiful HD graphics ... I've been getting more and more of a feeling that I want to see Pikmin on that hardware. I think it's the perfect system for Pikmin."

"So we're going to make it on that," he confirmed to a cheering audience.

Given the progress made on the game so far, Miyamoto promises it may come sooner than you think. "Maybe it won't be too long until it's ready for Wii U."