Shack PSA: You may be in the Diablo 3 beta without knowing

Diablo III closed beta access? In my account? It's more common than you think. A number of click enthusiasts, myself included, have discovered that we've been enrolled in the beta for Blizzard's action-RPG without receiving any notification. Who knows, perhaps you have too? To check if you're one of the lucky ones, sign into the account management. In your Game Accounts list, if you have the Diablo III beta listed as shown in the picture below, congratulations--you're in! If it only lists "Diablo III (Coming Soon)," I'm sorry to say you're not in yet. Do make sure you've selected in your beta profile settings that you want to take part, and update your system specifications with the tool. Thanks to Shacker DM7 for spotting this and sharing the good news with his fellow Shackers. Diablo III is slated to launch for PC and Mac in "early 2012." A $100 Collector's Edition packs an art book, soundtrack, DVD documentary, USB thumbdrive shaped like a soulstone, and in-game cosmetic bonuses. Though Blizzard is openly hiring for a console team, a console release is still unconfirmed.

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