Diablo 3 'lead console designer' still won't announce console port

Blizzard may have a position on the Diablo III team dubbed "Lead Console Designer," but that doesn't mean the company is officially announcing the upcoming title is coming to any platforms other than PC and Mac.

"There's three of us on the team right now," Blizzard's Josh Mosquiera told Destructoid in an interview during BlizzCon 2011, noting that the team is "trying" to build "the best console team at Blizzard."

"Blizzard is really serious about going back to the console," Mosquiera said, without delving into specifics regarding timeline for the move.

In a separate interview, Blizzard's Kevin Martens confirmed that Blizzard was not planning a public beta for Diablo 3 prior to its PC/Mac launch. "We're doing it in waves, so we'll keep adding people," he said, clarifying that the current beta will "be going for some time."

Diablo 3 is currently slated to launch in early 2012.