63% of PS3 owners will buy Vita, Sony survey says

Sony is missing the holiday season with its February release for the PlayStation Vita. But, Sony's John Koller isn't concerned at all. Why? Because Koller points to "significant" pre-orders from current Sony loyalists. According to Sony, 63 percent of PS3 owners have said they would buy a Vita within 18 months of launch; 60 percent of PSP owners said they would upgrade.

Missing the holiday season will work in Sony's favor, Koller argues. By missing the holiday, Sony will have enough systems to make a big impression at launch. "We learned our lesson to make sure you have enough product."

Speaking to AllThingsD (via Industry Gamers), Koller noted that missing the holidays won't be detrimental on sales. He pointed to PSP's March launch, and noted that it still sold one million units in its first week.

With over one hundred games in development for the Vita, Koller is confident that Sony's handheld won't fall into the same pit as the 3DS--lacking quality content to drive platform adoption.

The PlayStation Vita will be available in a special $350 bundle on February 15, and will be sold separately in Wi-Fi and 3G models one week later, for $250 and $300 each.