Vita 'First Edition' bundle costs $350, releases one week early

How badly do you want a PlayStation Vita? Can you not wait until its official February 22nd release? Sony has announced a new bundle for you! The "First Edition bundle" is available for pre-order at "select retail locations," starting today.

For $349.99, you'll get the 3G Vita, a limited edition case, and a 4GB Vita memory card. This package will be available one week early, on February 15th.

In addition, the First Edition bundle will include a copy of Little Deviants, a cute game that takes advantage of both the front and rear touch panels, the built-in motion sensors, the front and rear cameras, and microphone. Essentially, it's the perfect tech demo to show off everything your shiny new handheld can do.

The standard price for a 3G Vita is $299.99, while games cost $39.99. A 4GB memory card is likely to cost more than $20, meaning this bundle not only gives you early access to the system, but a slight discount as well.