Wii successor named 'Wii U'

[Update] Nintendo has sent out a fact cheek and photo of the Wii U (below). We've combed through the sheet for more details. The controller features a 6.2-inch screen, accelerometer, gyroscope, rumble, inward-facing camera, microphone, and speakers, plus the "classic" controller scheme. Each console comes paired with one touchscreen controller, and can support up to four additional Wii Remotes as well. [Original Story] At Nintendo's E3 briefing, the company named its next game console the 'Wii U' and showed off the controller. Iwata confirmed that the system is in HD, and a teaser video showed off the touch screen controller in action. Games can be played remotely on the controller's screen, streamed from the Wii U device itself. Iwata promised it would be done "without latency issues." Besides the touch screen, the controller sports traditional button configuration, dual-sticks, a touch pad, stylus, microphone, and camera. The teaser video showed a variety of ways that the controller interacted with a TV screen, like zooming in, used as an aiming device, and serving as the menu for a teaser of an HD Zelda game. It also showed video calls, web browsing, and Iwata promised backwards compatibility with the existing Wii. Iwata warned that the console is not designed to be portable, and is instead meant to stay in proximity of the Wii U hub system, which we didn't see. It's coming in 2012. Tech demos for the Wii U will be available on the show floor. The Nintendo conference is still ongoing. Shacknews will update as more details become available.

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