Sony details PSN 'Welcome Back' program

Though most of the world was focused on royal weddings and terrorist hunts over the last few days, Sony once again made weekend waves with further developments in the ongoing PlayStation Network outage. At a press conference in Japan on Sunday morning, Sony Executive Deputy President Kaz Hirai offered his "sincerest apologies" for the personal data theft, and detailed plans to bring the service back online.

A summary was posted to the PlayStation Blog, which states that some services -- including online gameplay, password resetting, friends lists, PlayStation Home, and chat -- will resume sometime this week. Sony also says that PSN has added several levels of data protection and encryption, more firewalls, and software monitoring to detect intrusions.

The company detailed a few of its make-good offerings that had been teased late last week. As a complimentary offering, Sony will be helping users enroll in identity theft protection services, which will differ by region. Meanwhile, the 'Welcome Back' Appreciation Program includes:

  • "Selected PlayStation entertainment" content for free download; differs by region, details to be shared soon

  • 30 days of free PlayStation Plus service to PlayStation Network users, and 30 days added free to existing PS+ members

  • 30 days free Music Unlimited service for Qriocity subscribers

Gamasutra reports that during the conference, Hirai mentioned that Sony "will consider covering the cost of reissues of new credit cards to affected customers if they wish to do so." He also reiterated that the company is working closely with law enforcement agencies, and said Sony will update with more information from the investigation when they are able.