Uncensored Duke Nukem Forever trailer released

We've been informed that a brand spanking new trailer for Duke Nukem Forever is airing tonight on FX during the season finale of Archer, at 10:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Of course, the version being shown on FX this evening will be of the "edited for television" variety.

Not to fear! The folks over at 2K Games have supplied us with an uncensored version of the 'Come Get Some!" trailer, complete with more heavy firepower, giblets, toilets, and topless strippers than a Las Vegas ATF convention. You can even check it out before the televised version even airs.

BOOM video 8870

In case you're curious why Duke is peddling his wares during the Archer finale, the press release offers the following explanation:

"There are only two other characters after Duke's own heart, the 'Most Interesting Man in the World' from those Dos Equis commercials and Archer, an international spy and lady killer. A man among men. A man who can do anything and anyone he wants, much like the king himself, Duke Nukem."

Following its most recent delay, Duke Nukem Forever is planned to release internationally on June 10, and in the U.S. on June 14 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.