Diablo 3 Begins Season 11 Today

It seems like only yesterday that super-temperamental PC gamers were lashing out at Blizzard for showing off a colorful pre-release screenshot of its then in-development action-RPG, Diablo III. Fast forward 9 years and billions of angry forum posts and things are mostly the same. In the meantime, Blizzard managed to release Diablo III and its only expansion, Reaper of Souls, to critical acclaim and has sold at least 30 million copies across all platforms. It is unclear if they were able to secure sales from the folks in 2008 who started online petitions against the controversial color palette, but enough people bought and enjoyed the game for it to maintain its popularity into its upcoming 11th season of competitive leaderboards.

Season 11 of Diablo III marks the first season to include the recently released DLC class, the Necromancer. The Necromancer has been a long time fan favorite going back to the days of Diablo 2. Gamers looking to raise some corpses to fight the demon onslaught will be able to join their friends in the quest to top competitive leaderboards when Season 11 goes live today at 5PM PDT.

Game items and balance remains mostly unchanged from what players saw in Season 10. Returning players can look forward to a host of bug fixes, some quality of life improvements. and a few new areas for mass-exploding a bunch of goat people and spiders with ribcages before you can even tell that they were on the screen. As with previous seasons, players have a fresh set of challenges that will unlock cosmetic items and banner decorations that will never ever be seen or cared about. All the new additions should give you several hours of excitement until the realization comes that you will be killing the same skeletons you’ve been killing for 6 years and you will find yourself wondering why you are playing to being with. It’s that same great feeling that keeps you coming back time and time again.

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