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Real Boxing punches onto PC today

There's been a shortage of boxing games recently and it's a void that developer Vivid Games is hoping to fill. After a year on Vita, Vivid is bringing Real Boxing to PC with some additional bells and whistles.

Real Boxing hitting Vita on August 27

Biffity-bopper Real Boxing will hit Vita on August 27, developer Vivid Games has announced. It'll cost $9.99, which is reasonable enough for a downloadable dress-up game with a bit of man-punching on the side.

Real Boxing biffing Vita in August

Sure, you can punch men in the face in loads of Vita games, but they're not real, are they? No, you want real face-punching, and luckily Real Boxing is coming to the handheld via PlayStation Network this August. This is the real deal, authentic, realistic boxing, with stamina and health bars and a wide selection of tattoos.

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