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Ultima 8 banished to GOG

Funny thing, the past. We vaguely remember parts of it, then fill the rest in with a consensus of other people's vague parts. So, was Ultima VIII: Pagan an affront to Origin's much-beloved series or a decent RPG? See for yourself, as it's now on GOG.

Garriott 'in discussions' with EA about new Ultima

Game designer Richard Garriott talks about his current RPG project, his talks with EA about making it an Ultima project, and the legacy of the series living on whether his next game carries the name or not.

MobyGames Classic: Ultima 7 Classic returns with the classic 1992 role-playing title, Ultima VII: The Black Gate. Widely considered the best in the franchise's long history, Ultima VII thrust players in the middle of a vast murder-mystery.

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