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Lone Survivor Director's Cut haunts PC on Halloween

I do hope you all enjoy the glut of gamingcoming this Halloween, as we may hit a barren stretch between new games and updates rushing to hit that scary date and the next console generation in November. Lone Survivor is joining the first group, as the shiny new bits from the PS3 and Vita versions are coming back to PC and Mac on Halloween in the new Director's Cut.

Lone Survivor arrives on PS3 and Vita this week

If you didn't catch it in this week's Release List, hey, Curve Studios announced at short notice that its PlayStation port of Lone Survivor will hit PS3 and Vita on Tuesday. We were pleased by Superflat Games' original PC version last year, and this port comes jazzed up with new items, items and areas too.

Lone Survivor debuts new content on PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor is "not a game I'd recommend playing right before bedtime," our Ozzie wrote in his review. Having casually mentioned last year that the 2D survival horror was coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita, creator Jasper Byrne today confirmed that it'll arrive in July, "enhanced" in shiny new ways.

Lone Survivor spooking PS3 and Vita

Side-on survival horror Lone Survivor is creeping onto PlayStation 3 and Vita, creator Jaser Byrne has announced. Soon consoleers will get to see what pleased our Ozzie so in his review when it debuted on PC earlier this year. Hint: that it's jolly nice.

Lone Survivor review

A good horror will pick through your brain and exploit your fear of the unknown. Lone Survivor offers a mysterious journey that contains genuine scares from beginning to end.

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