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Shadowrun Returns enters the Matrix

Cyberspace was cut from the original design for Shadowrun Returns to keep the crowdfunded RPG at a reasonable scale and budget, but what's cyberpunk with a virtual world? After tossing out loads of ideas, developer HareBrained Schemes has finally found a way to make the Matrix work, albeit less vast than in the tabletop RPG.

Shadowrun Returns coming in June with Steam Workshop

In a sizable databurst broadcast across cyberspace, Harebrained Schemes has revealed that Shadowrun Returns will launch in June on Steam, using the Steam Workshop to share what deckers make in its editor. The developer also shared a few plans for potential DLC, the state of the Linux edition, deadlines for pre-ordering the Collector's Edition, and what using Steam means for the promised DRM-free edition.

Shadowrun Returns has spent 'every penny and more' of Kickstarter funds

The first gameplay footage of Shadowrun Returns does look awfully nice, doesn't it? That may be because HareBrained Schemes has "spent every penny" of the $1.9 million it raised from crowdfunding--"and more." It's a gamble because, as head honcho Jordan Weisman told us last year, "if [crowdfunded] games don't reach a larger audience than the people we've pre-sold to, then they don't become self-sustaining."

Shadowrun Returns reveals 19 minutes of gameplay

Ten months after receiving a whopping $1.9 million from fans to make Shadowrun Returns, Jordan Weisman's HareBrained Schemes has revealed the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG in a twenty-minute alpha gameplay walkthrough. Weisman and co-founder Mitch Gitelman show off a squad of shadowrunners talking, shooting and summoning their way through one mission and gosh, it's good to see.

Shadowrun Returns delayed by large feature list

When Kickstarter campaigns go well and stretch goals are met, everyone is thrilled. But occasionally lost in the shuffle is what that feature creep does to a planned release date. Harebrained Schemes has found that out, pushing the release date back from January to sometime in May or June.

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