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Heroes of Newerth dev announces new MOBA, Strife

Heroes of Newerth was once the most the main alternative to League of Legends, as the most faithful update of the original DotA mod. Then Valve swaggered in and Dota 2 muscled HoN out. S2 Games isn't giving up on Dote 'em ups, though, and is coming back with Strife. Described as a "second generation" MOBA, it'll be free-to-play on PC.

Heroes of Newerth hacked

A naughty hacker has busted into the database of S2's Heroes of Newerth, gaining access to account login information. If you've played the DotA 'em up and use a password shared with any other online account, you'll want to get changing those passwords and, honestly, start using individual passwords for each account.

Heroes of Newerth making all heroes free

Heroes of Newerth is today making every one of its characters free for everyone to play with, having previously offered a limited rotating selection and charging for extras. It's surely a step to make the game more competitive with Dota 2.

Heroes of Newerth 'Mid Wars' mode incoming

Evolution is slow in the MOBA genre, but S2 Games is bringing in some changes to the classic DotA clone map layout with a new 'Mid Wars' mode, throwing all the players into one big team-fight-o-rama.

Heroes of Newerth goes free-to-play

DotA-esque Heroes of Newerth is joining the free-to-play ranks. Developer S2 Games promises "the game mechanics and style of play will remain intact," as it attempts to expand its audience.

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