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Nvidia tech demo: destroy everything you touch

Oh, tech demos! So fancy, so shiny, and so unlike any game we'll get to play for years. So come, watch Nvidia's new demo of smashing an amphitheatre to dynamic pieces in real-time, shown at the Game Developers Conference this week, and dream of all the games based upon this which won't get made.

Hawken trailer demonstrates PhysX shinies

The physics acceleration revolution may have failed long ago, but Nvidia's keeping the dream alive for romantics by cramming its PhysX tech into games whenever it can. A new Hawken trailer shows the fancy particle effects PhysX enables in the free-to-play stompy mech shooter, much the same as any other PhysX game: a big confusing mass of particles which look out of place.

Batman PC Trailer Highlights PhysX Effects

What, you thought that the trailer train would stop just because Batman: Arkham Asylum arrived on consoles last week? Why, that notion is almost as mad as The Joker himself. Instead of focusing on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions, the lat

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