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Borderlands Trailer: Claptrap vs. Sound Guy

Kicking off a new series of promotional clips for Borderlands, developer Gearbox has released the below video, which introduces you to robotic companion Claptrap. The shooter-RPG arrives in PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 form on October 20.

'Splosion Man Developer Announces 'Comic Jumper'

Twisted Pixel, developer of 'Splosion Man, has announced its next game Comic Jumper, touted as offering as "A new style of gameplay" with not only jumping but shooting too. An announcement trailer explains Comic Jumper will shift visual styles a

Gilbert's DeathSpank Gets New Trailer, Details

In conjunction with showing DeathSpank at PAX 09 and creator Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island) delivering a keynote address, developer Hothead Games has unleashed a wealth of information related to the h

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