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Space Noir warping onto PC this summer

Like Los Angeles in the 1940s, space is full of stars flaring up, burning out, fading away, and dying spectacularly. Which is probably not why N-Fusion has named its space shooter Space Noir, but perhaps it should be? Publisher Unity Games today announced the moody space tale, coming to PC and tablets this summer.

Deus Ex: The Fall jacking into PC in March

Mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall looked like a Deus Ex game, and swam like a Deus Ex game, but quacked like a Deus Ex game with horrible touchscreen controls. How very pleasant, then, that it's coming to PC with support for keyboard and mouse or controllers, of course, and a few extra changes t'boot.

Deus Ex: The Fall preview: augmenting mobile

Fans of the Deus Ex franchise have been hoping for another installment after the success of Human Revolution. While Deus Ex: The Fall may not have been what players were expecting, the game has all the flavor of the Deus Ex universe, with an overall experience that is a promising work in progress.

Deus Ex: The Fall is a mobile FPS

Look, you know by now that you can't judge anything from a game's name, and that you shouldn't be excited by teasers or domain registrations. So here's what Deus Ex: The Fall actually is: a mobile version of the FPS-RPG, coming "soon" to iThings.

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