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Might & Magic X Legacy announced

Ubisoft has released a few assorted Might & Magic games since it bought the series from the defunct 3DO in 2003, but the core RPG series that started the whole lot was left fallow. It's back now, though. Ubisoft today announced Might & Magic X Legacy and yes, it's still first-person and turn-based.

Might & Magic Heroes VI piratey DLC announced

Another 10 hours of Might & Magic Heroes VI fun are coming for $10 with the Pirate of the Savage Sea 'adventure pack,' which sees the return of series veteran Crag Hack. It'll launch on July 12, alongside a new patch with goodies including new animated town screens.

Might & Magic Heroes VI delayed again

The next Heroes of Might & Magic game (which Might & Magic Heroes VI certainly is, despite the confusing name inversion) has been delayed into October following feedback from beta testers.

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