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Capcom 're-evaluating' on-disc DLC

On-disc DLC enthusiast Capcom is "re-evaulating" its stance on the player-riling practice, though there are still a few games coming down the pipeline which will use it.

EA: Inactive Origin accounts won't be deleted

That mysterious part of Origin's terms of service saying EA could delete accounts left idle for two years? Nothing to worry about, EA says. No accounts with games will be deleted, only those left maliciously idle.

Battlefield 3 retailer-exclusive items explained

Doubtless hoping to stem a flow of fan outrage oozing over the Internet, DICE has explained a little more about the BF3 'Physical Warfare Pack' multiplayer items only available by pre-ordering from select retailers.

Portal 2 invaded by TF2 hats

Hat collectors, rejoice! Six of Team Fortress 2's hats have been added to Portal 2 for all who own them. Hat haters, hiss and boo!

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