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Framed rearranges comic panels and story outcomes

Framed is the debut effort from Loveshack Entertainment, in which players watch a detective's story unfold through comic book panels and rearrange those panels to craft completely different outcomes.

Antichamber scores Indie Fund backing

Non-Euclidean puzzler Antichamber has been confirmed as the seventh game to receive Indie Fund backing, a month after it lifted the IGF 2012 award for Technical Excellence.

Indie Fund backs The Swapper

Indie Fund has announced that it will help fund development of The Swapper, an upcoming puzzle-platformer by developer Facepalm Games.

Dear Esther gets Indie Fund cash injection

Fascinating mod-turned-full game Dear Esther has become the latest project to receive a financial helping hand from the superstar Indie Fund. Developer thechineseroom also revealed it's aiming for a sub-$10 price.

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