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Toki Tori 2 preview

You'll be forgiven if the name Toki Tori doesn't ring any bells. Developer Two Tribes is hoping to reach an even larger audience with Toki Tori 2, an adorable puzzle platformer for PC, Mac, and Wii U.

GeForce GTX 680 announced, powerful enough for Samaritan

The GeForce GTX 680 represents the beginning of Nvidia's next generation GPU architecture. "With Kepler we wanted not only to build the world's fastest GPU, but also the world's most power efficient," Nvidia said in the announcement.

The 2D top-down prototypes of Journey

But what would Journey look like without its current graphical sheen? At Game Developers Conference, designer Jenova Chen gave us a look at Journey's earliest 2D prototypes.

GlitchHiker: a dead game about extinction

How do you make a game about extinction? Six developers spent 48 hours during a game jam to answer that question. Their solution? Make a game that dies--and never comes back.

Hello, Meet Lola