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World of Tanks dev acquires Gas Powered Games

In announcing the cancellation of his Wildman Kickstarter earlier this week, Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor said he had something in the works for his company to survive. Enter Wargaming, which has announced it has acquired the embattled developer for an undisclosed sum.

Gas Powered Games had several games canned last minute

Financially troubled developer Gas Powered Games apparently had the rug pulled out from under several nearly completed projects when publishers backed out at the last minute, leaving the company with nothing to show for its efforts.

Gas Powered Games hit by layoffs

Gas Powered Games may have only just launched a Kickstarter for their next game, Wildman. However, the studio is suffering layoffs. According to a report, "almost everyone at the company has been laid off."

Wildman kickstarted by Supreme Commander dev

What do you get when you cross the action RPG elements of Dungeon Siege, the RTS mechanics of Supreme Commander, and the MOBA feel of Demigod? You get Wildman, a new Kickstarter project from Taylor's team at Gas Powered Games.

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