Wargaming lays out roadmap, including possible next-gen console games

Wargaming has started to outline its roadmap of upcoming titles, including an unannounced game from Gas Powered and the possibility of next-gen console development.


Wargaming has bulked up for the next generation, increasing its studio size, taking on more active projects, and acquiring Gas Powered Games. As the console transition prepares to shake up the industry again, the company is starting to give a roadmap of its plans on PC and, possibly, on next-gen consoles as well.

IGN reports that between World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warships and Warplanes, company CEO Viktor Kislyi feels the company may be ready to step away from that franchise. The company is currently working on experimental projects, including one unannounced title from Gas Powered Games, and doesn't want to be pigeon-holed into one concept.

Kislyi also indicated that the publisher may be open to next-gen consoles, following the Day 1 acquisition geared toward console development. The lack of console releases during this generation was due to the company's focus on free-to-play, he says, which consoles in this generation generally didn't support. Since next-gen systems like the PlayStation 4 are likely to support the F2P model more aggressively, Kislyi says Wargaming may develop games for them once they sell enough units. He predicts it will take a few years to build a sizable install base, but we very well might see its titles on the PS4 and next Xbox.

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