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X Rebirth launch trailer splashes down

After years of waiting and hoping, it's finally almost here, launching tomorrow at long last. And pull back to reveal... oh! I'm talking about X Rebirth. Developer Egosoft has deployed a trailer to celebrate the space sim's release, hinting at all the wonderful things we'll get to do in its sandbox galaxy.

X Rebirth trailer details trading and mining

X Rebirth wowed us last month with a trailer on the space sim's scale and depth, and now is impressing with intricate detail. A new trailer devotes ten minutes to how trading and mining work in a galaxy where NPC ships tie into the economy and you can control your own fleet and facilities.

X Rebirth blasting off into absurdly detailed space on November 19

X Rebirth may be arriving two years later than planned but oh me oh my it certainly has used that extra time well. Developer Egosoft has announced its latest sandbox space sim will launch on November 19, and dropped a hot trailer showing the sim is so detailed, you can get out your ship and crawl around ducts on space stations.

DRM Issues Spoil Steam Holiday Sale

Some of those that recently bought GSC Game World's S.TA.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and Egosoft's X3: Terran Conflict were temporarily unable to activate...

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