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Windbound review: Lost at sea

Windbound review: Lost at sea

Windbound thrusts players into a beautiful and ever-changing world. Does this survival adventure offer an enthralling experience? Or does Kara's journey find itself adrift at sea with no real direction? Our review.

Satellite Reign pre-alpha gameplay looks awfully Syndicate-y

Satellite Reign was pitched as a "spiritual successor" to Syndicate Wars in its crowdfunding campaign, and by Jove, that's just what it appears to be. Developer 5 Lives Studios today released a 95-second snippet of pre-alpha gameplay from the real-time tactical cyberpunk megacorp murdersquad team and gosh, yes, it certainly does resemble Bullfrog's classic.

Satellite Reign Kickstarter ends, hitting destructible environments stretch goal

It was looking ropey for a while, but Satellite Reign eventually blew through its £450,000 ($530k-ish) crowdfunding goal and on Sunday wrapped up its main campaign. The self-declared "spiritual successor" to Syndicate Wars hit some fine stretch goals towards the end, so it'll boast both environmental destruction and music from Syndicate series composer Russell Shaw.

Satellite Reign trailer shows more of Syndicate Wars 'spiritual successor'

With only six days left on its crowdfunding campaign, somehow Satellite Reign may not quite hit its $530,000 (ish) goal. So, to stir up interest, here's a short new trailer of an in-engine "gameplay visualisation" showing how its cyberpunk city and squad-based tactical action may look, complete with a pleasing walking tank.

Syndicate Wars co-creator crowdfunding 'spiritual successor' Satellite Reign

Starbreeze's recent FPS reboot Syndicate did offer some jolly pleasant cyborg murder machine co-op action, but it was certainly nothing like the original. It may not matter if rights-holder EA has no interest in careful top-down tactical games, as Syndicate Wars co-creator Mike Diskett is crowdfunding a "spiritual successor" to Bullfrog's classic cyberpunk series under the name Satellite Reign.

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