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Dead Island 2 announced [Update]

By Steve Watts, Jun 09, 2014 6:45pm PDT

At Sony's E3 press conference, the company debuted Dead Island 2. To accompany the announcement, of course, they showed off a bloody, gory, kind of funny trailer.


"Yeah they are. I kind of felt like Dying Light was the sequel at least in a spiritual sense. "

- OutlawSundown see all 16 comments

Spec Ops: The Line dev says its multiplayer 'like a cancerous growth'

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 29, 2012 6:00am PDT

It's no secret that publishers often foist multiplayer modes upon single-player-focused games to make them more attractive to would-be customers, but it's rare to hear a developer speak so openly and contemptuously of this practice as Spec Ops: The Line lead designer Cory Da...


"Loved Loved Loved the single player game. Didn't even know it had MP."

- SlingBlaze see all 14 comments
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