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Former Uncharted Director Amy Hennig Leaves EA, Star Wars Game On Hold

By Kevin Tucker, Jun 28, 2018 12:44pm PDT

One of the bigger influences behind Uncharted has now moving into the independent games development scene.


"Basically. I think the game has been trashed for a while actually."

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Top 10 Worst Bullet Sponges

By Greg Burke, Jun 01, 2018 4:30pm PDT

We let Greg out of the video mines long enough to whip up the latest top 10. 


"Division really isn't that bad. Bosses can soak it up, but most other enemies go down quickly ..."

- jet-poop see all 16 comments
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Uncharted 4 teaser trailer

Drake is (hopefully?) coming to the Playstation 4 with a brand new Uncharted adventure fresh off the development line.

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