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The Division's David Polfeldt Talks About Post-Apocalyptic New York

By Steven Wong, Apr 04, 2015 12:00pm PDT

Massive Studio Director David Polfeldt discusses the Ubisoft open world RPG game set in New York City, Tom Clancy's The Division, in this exclusive gameplay interview.


The Division dev says new consoles like PC 'home turf'

By Steve Watts, Jun 24, 2014 7:33am PDT

The Division managing director David Polfeldt explains that as opposed to the last generation, the new consoles feel like their "home turf" of PC architecture.


"yeah I didn't pick up on that either. GC and WIC were great games. Alien voice: express ..."

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The Division trailer shows off Snowdrop engine

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2013 6:00am PST

A newer, fancier generation of consoles means a new generation of newer, fancier game engines, and Ubisoft Massive's pretty pleased with its engine, Snowdrop. A new trailer shows off the tech powering Tom Clancy's The Division, and the developer has dished a few details on h...


"It looks very impressive. I'd like to know what kind of hardware that demo was running on."

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The Division to have end-game multi-group missions

By Steve Watts, Aug 29, 2013 2:30pm PDT

The Division game director Ryan Barnard says that the end-game consists of larger group content, with at least two groups participating together in missions.


Tom Clancy's The Division coming to PC, but Xbox One gets exclusive content

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 20, 2013 3:55am PDT

One of the big surprises at E3 this year was Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft Massive's online RPG. And it'll be on PC.


"This is the news I've been waiting for! UNF! The E3 demo had me drooling... and also pissed ..."

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The Division's multiplayer mode sounds a lot like Dark Souls

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 09, 2013 5:30pm PDT

Tom Clancy's The Division is aiming to ensure that death hurts in multiplayer, helping tie it in with the game's single-player campaign, in the process.


"haha I had to double-check to ensure this wasn't EA publishing it ;)"

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How Tom Clancy's The Division lacks classes

By John Keefer, Jun 12, 2013 12:00pm PDT

Ubisoft Massive producer Fredrik Rundqvist explains how Tom Clancy's The Division does not confine itself to the traditional class-based roles of an MMO.


"IMO the best model is the Guild Wars model where you just pay once upfront. I hope they go with ..."

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Tom Clancy's The Division is online RPG for Xbox One and PS4

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 10, 2013 4:38pm PDT

Paper money really is quite filthy, but it takes a special type of hypochondriac or apocalypse fetishist to imagine a virus spread of notes bringing about the downfall of society. That's the premise of Tom Clancy's The Division, an online RPG Ubisoft announced for Xbox One a...


"hahaha no fucking way. I been here for quite a bit, came over from blues news years ago. only ..."

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Report: Far Cry 3 dev working on next-gen online RPG

By Steve Watts, Dec 06, 2012 10:45am PST

Ubisoft Massive, the Swedish studio that most recently worked on Far Cry 3, is now starting a "AAA next-gen online RPG," according to a resume and job listings.


"I feel like they could just take the tools, assets and environment from FC3 and use it to make ..."

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