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Rekoil opens fire on PC and Xbox 360 on January 28

By Ozzie Mejia, Jan 06, 2014 1:00pm PST

505 Games and Plastic Piranha are releasing their built-for-eSports/classic throwback arena shooter, Rekoil, on January 28 for PC and Xbox 360.


Rekoil preview: back to basics

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 17, 2013 12:00pm PDT

Rekoil is a multiplayer FPS that aims to go back to simpler times before prestiging, kill streaks, and big budgets became all the rage. Here's our hands-on preview.


"So it's a drunk FFA game, as I won't be able to find my friends or live long enough to think ..."

- Zolneirz see all 4 comments
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Rekoil sizzle trailer

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505 Games and Plastic Piranha launches their hardcore arena shooter Rekoil on January 28 for the PC at $14.99.

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