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Nintendo 3DS Videos


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LEGO The Hobbit announcement trailer

Bilbo and the gang bounce onto every system under the sun in a video game based upon the first two movies from Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy.

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Grinsia announcement trailer

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Kemco's retro RPG is coming from mobile to PC, Nintendo 3DS, Mac and Linux, thanks to publisher Nicalis.

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announcement trailer

Nintendo's catch 'em all 'em up Pokémon finally comes to Nintendo 3DS, in two games due to release worldwide in October 2013.

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Samurai G launch trailer

Slice through evil in this downloadable 3DS game.

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NCIS 'Announcement' Trailer

Have you longed to solve crimes with outlandish, improbable technology and the help of a perky goth? NCIS the video game is for you.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overlocked 'Auction & fusion' Trailer

Learn about buying and fusing demons in the 3DS revamp of Atlus's much-loved RPG.