E3 2014 News


Chariot: 101 uses for a rolling casket

By Steven Wong, Jul 08, 2014 8:30am PDT

Chariot is a quirky co-op physics based puzzle game with a strange twist. In it, a princess promises her recently deceased father that she'll take his remains to a special burial site surrounded by riches.


"Puzzle platformers are a dime a dozen but this still manages to look pretty cool."

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Grey Goo preview: A classic game in the making

By Steven Wong, Jul 01, 2014 2:15pm PDT

Grey Goo takes players back to the classic era of real-time strategy games, featuring diverse factions and thoughtful gameplay. We test our skills to see if we can win control of the galaxy.


"Looking forward to this! About time we got an old school base building RTS."

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Evolve wins top honors in E3 Game Critics award

By Steve Watts, Jul 01, 2014 11:15am PDT

E3 has come and gone, and all that's left is to formally recognize the games that wowed convention-goers the most. The E3 Game Critics Awards have been announced, and Evolve came out on top.


Alien Isolation: Survival of the weakest

By Steven Wong, Jun 27, 2014 11:00am PDT

I check out Alien: Isolation and put my survival skills to the test against a viscous alien out to kill me. It turns out, I don't have any.


"I just want to point out that if I were a mod I would have dealt with this an hour ago. ☆ ..."

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Microsoft exec breaks down Crackdown, Fable Legends, and Kinect at E3

By Steve Watts, Jun 24, 2014 4:00pm PDT

In the wake of Microsoft's E3 press conference, we took a moment to talk to Redmond Game Studios general manager Matt Booty. Check out the videos below for talk of the Xbox One strategy, Scalebound, Fable Legends, and more.


"my buddy's mother-in-law makes $89 hourly on the laptop . She has been without work for five ..."

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Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. E3 roundtable video reveals early gameplay footage

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 24, 2014 2:41pm PDT

Shacknews covered the initial reveal for Nintendo's Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. firsthand during E3 2014. For those looking to see some of that announcement for themselves, Nintendo has released a condensed version of the media session, along with some early gameplay footage.


"my buddy's mother-in-law makes $89 hourly on the laptop . She has been without work for five ..."

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The Sims 4: Big world, bigger personalities

By Steven Wong, Jun 24, 2014 1:30pm PDT

We check out the Sims 4 to see how realistic virtual life can get.


Shack Reels: Top 5 Coolest Things at E3 2014

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 21, 2014 1:00pm PDT

E3 has come and gone and this week's edition of Shack Reels would like to reveal five of the coolest sights from the E3 show floor and beyond.


Dreadnought and the big future for space combat

By Steve Watts, Jun 20, 2014 3:30pm PDT

Dreadnought makes a point of showcasing its huge capital ships, but the mechanics prove that like any class-based game, the heavy is nothing without some proper support.


"This kind of deal would really only be sustainably fun with 100vs100. Might be able to peak my ..."

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The Division: Restoring life to a dying city

By Steven Wong, Jun 20, 2014 2:45pm PDT

The Division puts players in the role of special agents tasked with establishing order and rebuilding society after a virus decimates New York City. We check out some of the gear and skills agents will have at their disposal and some of the dangers lurk in a post apocalyptic...


"AW YEEEEEEAH! What effect does Morale have in the game? Especially on a Player Group?"

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Pillars of Eternity preview: to Infinity and beyond

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 20, 2014 8:00am PDT

Pillars of Eternity is looking to live up to the vaunted legacy created by classic Infinity Engine games. If the opening stages are any indication, it's well on its way.


"Yeah, I'll probably do the same. I did that with Shadowrun Returns as well."

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Hunt: Horrors of a Gilded Age - Getting the Nightmare Witch off your back

By Steven Wong, Jun 19, 2014 3:30pm PDT

We get a first-look at Hunt: Horrors of a Gilded Age; a third-person action RPG set in the late 1800s, where players band together to seek out and kill supernatural creatures.


"The end of our video at the bottom says PC and consoles. Give it a looksie. It's pretty neat."

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Yoshi and Kirby showcase Nintendo's inventive art

By Steve Watts, Jun 19, 2014 2:00pm PDT

Yoshi's Woolly World and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse are showing off how Nintendo's great art direction can get even better with a little texture.


Battlefield: Hardline: Cops and Robbers in an all-new warfare

By Steven Wong, Jun 18, 2014 2:35pm PDT

Battlefield: Hardline pits Police against Criminals in an all-out war on the city streets. We put our skills to the test in the beta and see how well the game upholds the Battlefield name.


"they're fucking shitty barricades. i understand that they want to make the city look more live ..."

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Shacknews E3 2014 wrap-up podcast

By Steve Watts, Jun 17, 2014 2:30pm PDT

E3 2014 has come and gone, and we're still processing all that we saw and did at the big show. One way to get it all out in the open is a nice long chat, and you can listen in. Hear four of us talk about some of our favorite games, our disappointments, and our take on who "w...


"You know Weekend Confirmed is still around? Anyway, take care."

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