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Tencent May Invest $470 Million To Become PUBG Dev's Second Largest Shareholder

By Charles Singletary, May 04, 2018 8:15am PDT

Bluehole Studios is looking for investors and Tencent may compound upon its current 1.5% stake in the developer. 


PUBG Update Will Deliver Map Selection

By Chris Jarrard, Apr 19, 2018 11:35am PDT

Bluehole aims to provide the end-users a choice without making matchmaking tougher for fans of less popular maps.

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Tera: Rising 'Wintera' event trailer

Pick off your enemies and friends alike in a huge snowball fight in Tera: Rising from Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment.

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Tera 'Wounded World' update

Tera 'Wounded World' update Tera 'Wounded World' update Tera 'Wounded World' update
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