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Daily Filter: October 24, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Oct 24, 2011 8:45pm PDT

Today's Filter features a live-action commercial for Battlefield 3, new Shank 2 screenshots, and much more!


StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm multiplayer detailed

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 24, 2011 12:30pm PDT

New details about StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm's multiplayer and races were recently revealed at BlizzCon 2011.


"The idea of Super-Units in Starcraft is fucking dumb beyond comprehension. Leave that shit to ..."

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Diablo 3 Collector's Edition detailed

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 24, 2011 6:00am PDT

Blizzard unveiled the Diablo III Collector's Edition during BlizzCon, packed full of goodies including the soundtrack, an artbook, in-game bonuses for WoW, SC2 and D3, and a soulstone-shaped thumbdrive.


"That's just a crop of the biggest version of that picture I could find at the time. Blizzard's ..."

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BlizzCon 2011 'swag bag' gallery

By Xav de Matos, Oct 22, 2011 1:00pm PDT

Wondering what part of the ticket price for the two day event could net you? Shacknews snapped some photos of the big bag of swag, which includes a special edition authenticator, cards for the World of Warcraft collectable card game, and a mini Tyrael sta


"I thought that g.lee was the source for racing games but it seems that he only likes the big hits. "

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Daily Filter: October 21, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Oct 21, 2011 8:00pm PDT

Today's Filter features three character vignettes for The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a multiplayer trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and much more!


Blizzard DOTA unveiled at BlizzCon 2011

By Garnett Lee, Oct 21, 2011 3:15pm PDT

We knew Blizzard had a DotA custom game in the works for Starcraft II. At BlizzCon 2011 the publisher took the wraps off Blizzard DOTA with a great video, screens, and the first details on the game.


""The basic idea is that ... gods... in a transdimensional pocket universe ... (pull) in heroes ..."

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BlizzCon 2011 'show floor' gallery

By Xav de Matos, Oct 21, 2011 2:15pm PDT

BlizzCon 2011 is happening right now. Can't be there? Check out the Shacknews gallery of the ongoing event right now!


"I went to Blizzcon 2010, and I guess that was my last WOW Hurrah since I quit 7months ago. It's ..."

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria announced

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 21, 2011 12:15pm PDT

Blizzard has just announced the next expansion pack for its World of Warcraft MMO. Titled "Mists of Pandaria," the expansion pack introduces a new continent, and a new monk class. Also, there's pandas.


"Look how few posts there are for this thread, I'm thinking the WoW enthusiasm is burning out."

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Diablo 3 free for annual WoW subscribers

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 21, 2011 11:30am PDT

At BlizzCon today, Blizzard announced plans on rewarding World of Warcraft subscribers with quite an enticing bonus: a free copy of Diablo 3 when it releases.


"When you don't like something, you certainly go out of your way to bash it into the ground. ..."

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Daily Filter: September 6, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Sep 06, 2011 8:00pm PDT

Today's Filter features a Madden NFL 12 launch trailer, a survivor trailer for Resistance 3, new screenshots for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and much more!


BlizzCon hosting GSL pro StarCraft 2 final

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 13, 2011 6:45am PDT

The October finals of GOMtv's excellent professional Global StarCraft II League will be hosted at BlizzCon this year, in addition to Blizzard's regular fixture the Global Invitational.


"awww... you guys get to enjoy the stupid off-hours shit Americans normally deal with.. it must ..."

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PSA: BlizzCon 2011 tickets on sale tonight at 7pm

By Xav de Matos, May 25, 2011 4:45pm PDT

The second batch of BlizzCon 2011 tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm PT. On Saturday, 200 "exclusive" tickets for a pre-BlizzCon dinner to benefit Children's Hospital of Orange County go on sale for $500.


"Forgot all about Blizzcon Tickets going on sale, going last year was enough for me. Other than a ..."

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BlizzCon 2011 tickets on sale May 21 and 25

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 13, 2011 6:00am PDT

The $175 tickets for Diablo and Warcraft developer Blizzard's next fan convention will go on sale in two batches on May 21 and 25.


"Stay at the Hilton. It's as simple as taking the elevator to the lobby, and walking across the ..."

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BlizzCon 2011 Raiding Anaheim Convention Center October 21 and 22

By Xav de Matos, Feb 07, 2011 7:45am PST

Blizzard has announced its sixth annual event comprised of pure, unadulterated nerd-joy will happen from October 21 to October 22, 2011....


"Same for me. It just isn't worth the time investment to go again. PAX is closer and a lot more ..."

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