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Pictures of Artichokes

Pictures of Artichokes

Pictures of some artichokes


I like to take pictures of artichokes, it cheers me up when I am in a bad mood, I am clearing photos off of my phone and didn't just want to toss these. If you have pictures that you took of some artichokes that you would like to share, I would like to see them


Here is a picture of some artichokes that my mom took and sent to me, she knows I like to look at them, I think this is a very nice picture


My other artichoke pictures didn't come out so good so here is some pictures of deers that I took

Deers have big noses.


My friend made me this Rachel Maddow pillowcase when I was in a hospital, he knows I can't stand her and that I used to have a crush on her


Thank you and I will take requests for future Cortexes, this Cortex thingy is FUN AS HELL :O



Artie Choak



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